Eating Before Your Yoga Training Session


 However, there are some things you should keep in mind if you plan to eat before your training session. At our institute of Yoga teacher training in UK I teach yoga using less vigorous and less difficult moves for those students who have never done yoga before.

Try and time your meal the right way. If you know that you will he heading off to a yoga class then plan ahead and eat at least two or three hours before your yoga class. This timing is ideal if you really feel that you must eat beforehand. These two to three hours will allow your body time to digest most of the meal, or all of it if you eat a light meal. Eating light also assures that you won’t get an upset stomach, which is important for any style of yoga. The core of the body, in any style of yoga, is “moved” to its maximum. Also the Udyana Bandha puts additional pressure on the small intestine, leading to discomfort.

In order to eat light, you should avoid carbohydrate heavy meals. Stay away from meat, pasta, rice or anything else that is difficult to digest. Most vegetables, steamed, are good. Lightly poached fish is a good option, or perhaps an omelette. You could also stay away from spicier foods. These can cause major heartburn and other stomach issues during your practice, which can be very unpleasant, both for you and your classmates.

Yogurt, mixed in with soft fruit is a great food to eat before your yoga class, especially if your only option is to have something to eat directly before the class. It is easy to digest and does not leave you with that bloated feeling.

Yogurt is known to aid digestion, and can ease some abdominal discomfort if you have eaten a late lunch. Have a small container anywhere from one hour to thirty minutes before your yoga class for the best results. Your yoga teacher course includes different yoga postures that will work with every joint in your body.

Fruits like banana, apples and pears are also excellent, especially if you also add a handful of nuts and seeds to fill-the-gap before you start your yoga training. The nuts and seeds will help with slowing down the digestion of the soft fruits, and keep your energy levels high, and will help keep the glucose levels in the blood in a steady state.

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