How to Maintain Your Focus with ADHD

Staying focused can be tough, especially if you have ADHD. Life can get hectic, whether you're working from home or dealing with a global pandemic. You might find yourself distracted, like when you're sipping your third cup of coffee and scrolling through social media, only to realize you haven't done your work. 

(ADHD-Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder)

But don't worry! This guide is here to help. In this article, we'll share simple and practical tips to help people with ADHD maintain their focus. These tips won't require you to use complicated apps or make big changes to your life. They are easy to implement and can make a big difference in your ability to concentrate and be productive. So, if you're ready to take control of your focus and overcome the challenges of ADHD, let's get started with these helpful insights to keep you on track.

1. Close the door

Closing the door might sound like a simple step, but it holds a powerful key to improving your focus. No, this is not a metaphor; it's a practical strategy. Even if you adore your comfortable living room or any workspace, keeping distractions at bay is essential. A closed door not only physically isolates you from disruptions but also sends a signal to your brain that it's time to get down to business. It's a straightforward action that can make a world of difference in your ability to concentrate and be productive. So, don't underestimate the impact of this simple act – close the door, and you'll be well on your way to a more focused and effective work session.

2. Find your frog and take one tiny bite

Discovering your "frog" isn't about real frogs but about identifying that one task you really don't want to do. We often procrastinate because we're avoiding something that feels too big, boring, or confusing. The trick is to start with a tiny step, something manageable. It's usually after we begin that our motivation kicks in. So, instead of overwhelming yourself with a big goal like "finish business presentation," break it into smaller parts, like "finish intro slide." Add some cheerful background music, put on noise-canceling headphones, and you're all set to tackle your "frog" with focus and ease.

3. Use a fun pomodoro timer

The Pomodoro method is a cool way to help you concentrate better. It involves breaking your work into short bits with breaks in between. But what makes it even more fun is using apps. These apps reward you when you focus for a certain time. Go to your app store and search for "focus timer" or "pomodoro" to find them. Personally, I use an app where I become a digital ramen chef. Every time I finish a focus session, I get a virtual bowl of ramen. It might sound strange, but it's surprisingly motivating to play a digital chef while doing my real job. It's all about finding what works for you. 

4. Mix up your tasks

Changing up your tasks can make a big difference in staying productive. Imagine it like having a few pots on the stove. When one task gets boring or tough, switch to another. This is a way of "productively procrastinating" by going back and forth between a couple of tasks. It can prevent you from getting tired, keep your motivation up, and make your workday more interesting. So, don't hesitate to mix things up and find a routine that works for you. It's all about staying on track.

5. Get ready for future problems

If you're already putting things off, why not do something that will benefit your future self? Take a moment to write down the problems you think you might face when trying to get a task done. Then, think of ways to avoid these issues. For example, if you know that social media notifications will distract you, put your phone in airplane mode. If you expect to get hungry while working, grab a snack and keep it on your desk before you start. This way, you'll be ready to stay on track and get your work done.

6. Schedule some 10-minute movement sessions

Scheduling 10-minute movement breaks can really help boost your focus and energy. You don't need to do anything fancy, just some light dancing, a bit of jumping, or a quick walk from one end of your place to the other. By the way, if you're curious, I've been listening to "I Love Me" by Demi Lovato to lift my mood during midday – you might like it too, especially if you're reading this instead of working. So, don't forget to take short breaks to keep your energy up and stay focused.

7. Give belly breathing a shot

When stress and anxiety make it hard to concentrate, consider trying a simple breathing exercise called belly breathing. Just take a deep breath, letting your belly expand as you inhale, and then exhale slowly. It's a straightforward technique that can help you relax, ease your mind, and reduce tension. So, when you're feeling overwhelmed, give belly breathing a try – it can really help you refocus.

8. Look for the jet stream

Sometimes, what we really need is a boost of confidence and momentum to show we can get things done. Look for that flow in your tasks - something you know well, are excited to do, or matches your skills. It doesn't have to be the most urgent thing. Just getting into the groove with something can prepare you to handle more important stuff later. It's like finding a productivity jet stream to keep you moving forward.

9. Write down why this task is meaningful to you

We won't dive into a boring list of why a task is important because that can be a downer. Instead, let's focus on why it means something to you personally. Ask yourself questions like, "What does finishing this task do for me?" It could be a small win, a feeling of relief, or a step forward in your career or skills. Also, think about how it might help others – making the world better, easing things for your colleagues, or earning you recognition. Of course, some tasks are just plain unexciting, and that's fine. But when you can, keep your "why" in mind to stay motivated and stay on track with what truly matters to you.

10. Try to beat the clock

Choosing the challenge of "How quickly can I finish this task" is way more fun than being tough on myself with "get this done, you incompetent knucklehead." I set a timer and played "Eye of the Tiger" to make it even more amusing. It might seem silly, but the goal is to beat the clock and complete the task no matter what. It's a reminder that adding some fun and urgency can help even with everyday tasks.

11. Be kind to yourself

I know it might not sound like a quick fix, but try being kind to yourself. Yelling at yourself or blaming won't make things better. We all have times when we wonder what's wrong with us or why we can't start or stop making mistakes. The truth is, tasks can be tough for everyone, even if you don't have ADHD. Our brains can be tricky. Self-blame won't help. Concentration is sometimes easy, like clear skies, and other times it's hard, like cloudy weather. Instead of getting mad at yourself, try accepting where you are right now. A little kindness can help you keep going and not give up too soon.


In summary, it's clear that ADHD has a big impact on different parts of life like school, feelings, and friends. This study shows that we need to understand ADHD better to diagnose and help many people, especially kids, dealing with it. By getting a better grip on ADHD and using specific strategies, we can offer improved support and guidance to those working on staying focused and living happy lives despite these challenges.


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